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High-quality maritime portholes and ship windows is your online shop for portholes used as maritime decoration and yacht equipment. We have a large assortment of high-quality portholes for installation and mirrored portholes made from solid brass, as well as many editions with chrome plated surfaces.

For you to choose the best-fitting porthole with ease we display every porthole with the according sketch and measurements at our online shop. You can find side perspectives and interesting 360° degree views of the products which well help you plan the installation of your porthole. As a matter of course, you can always contact us for further information via telephone or email.

Find the right porthole for your bathroom, sauna, or the interior of your restaurant at our online shop. We offer round and oval portholes as well as rectangular ship windows that are suitable for installation as skylights. Installed in an exhibition wall or door, portholes create a maritime room atmosphere like aboard a ship.

You may choose between high-gloss polished, chrome plated portholes and editions with a brass surface. Look for the popular porthole mirror in our delivery program - they create maritime feeling in any room.

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