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Installation Options

There are almost unlimited installation options for portholes and ship windows. We would like to introduce you to the most common areas of use.

Portholes in Restaurants, Gastronomy and Inns

Built-in portholes are very often used for the interior decoration of maritime restaurants and inns. On one hand, portholes are a lovely decoration in a guestroom. A typical use of portholes is also the installation of portholes in kitchen doors of restaurants. If a porthole is built into the kitchen door of a maritime restaurant, the service staff can see inside the kitchen and avoid a collision. Whereas a look into the kitchen remains denied for the guest. The portholes that we offer fit ideally in doors with a thickness of about 5 cm. Mirror portholes with clear glass (instead of mirror glass) can be affixed on the exterior wall to serve as display case for the menu.

Portholes for the Office and Businesses

In the commercial sector, portholes are suitable to be built into adjoining room walls or doors. As such, you can easily see whether a customer is already waiting at the door or whether a room is occupied. Portholes are also ideal for setting a maritime accent in meeting rooms. In toilets and social areas as well, portholes are an “eye-catcher” and the interior decoration is elevated to an interesting, maritime level by means of a small decorative piece.

Portholes in the Garden Shed or on the Terrace

In the garden shed or on the terrace, portholes can be simply used as windows. A real eye-catcher and a maritime touch in the garden.

Bathroom and Bedroom Mirrors

For bathrooms and bedrooms, porthole mirrors are suitable for a touch of maritime flair.

There are innumerable possibilities. Just let your imagination run free.

We would be particularly delighted if you informed us about the installation of a porthole in your house or commercial property and if you sent us photos of it. We will also gladly put your ideas at the disposal of other customers and potential buyers on our website.

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