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Design ideas with portholes

We have been delivering portholes for many years now and are amazed over and over again by our customers' great installation ideas. Portholes are often used in commercially used rooms as eye-catchers, whether the mirrored edition on the wall, or the actual window in separating walls.

One of our corporate customers told us about his newly designed waiting room that is now flooded in daylight with the help of portholes in a partition wall. Another benefit is that the service personnel can now see waiting customers. The portholes of our delivery program are a practical and at the same time decorative solution. Portholes made from brass or with an elegantly chrome plated surface are maritime accessories and eye-catchers in one product.

The classical use of a porthole with glass window is the installation in a maritime restaurant or hotel. Whether in the sauna area, hotel rooms, or bar - a porthole is an indispensable element in maritime interior.

A common place for a porthole in a private building is the bathroom. The glass window of a porthole is then used to light up the room. We have also seen pictures of self-made laundry boxes with portholes as lids. Another creative idea is to install a porthole as the lid to a laundry tube when still building the house.

We are always interested in your innovative installation ideas and would be very happy, if you let us use your photos of creatively built-in portholes for publication. You porthole ideas provide other customers with incentives for maritime interior construction.

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