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Safety instructions for the installation

Your safety is very important to us. If installations must be carried out in the course of the mounting or decoration with portholes or porthole mirrors, the professional execution of the work is important for safety reasons. Always consult experts when working in order to avoid endangering yourself. We have been enthusiastic providers of maritime decorative objects for more than 20 years. We are not expert tradesmen such as carpenters, masons or engineers, however we can give you suggestions regarding the installation of our products.

When we describe suggestions for decorations and mounting variants, this comes from our point of view as provider of maritime decoration articles.

For instance, if holes have to be drilled or mounting devices have to be installed, the pertinent safety instructions for jobs in the household or of commercial nature have to be observed. We cannot be held responsible for the shown and described mounting work. When in doubt, please ask professionals.

For the installation of built-in portholes, we advise you to first drill the required holes in the wall or door or to saw once you have the porthole or the porthole mirror in your hands. The conditions or the product dimensions might somewhat different than you expected based on the drawings and given dimensions.

We assume no liability for possible damages, which arose due to possible misconceptions or errors in the product description.


A lot of the described porthole variants can be selected directly in our shop. If you have a further idea for furnishing a property, please phone us or write us an e-mail with your enquiry. We will gladly develop individual solutions for you as well and advise you on your property furnishing.

You want more information about the installation of the portholes. Watch our video on Youtube: