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Interior design with portholes

Portholes are really appropriate as decorative element in living areas. A large number of the portholes that we sell are not used on ships, but rather in the living areas of houses and business properties. Portholes are very interesting decoration articles with a strong maritime aura.

Thus porthole mirrors often find use as a mirror in the guest toilet or as a decorative highlight in the home bathroom. Thereby, the large range of options with different sizes and surfaces in our online shop leaves nothing to be desired.

With a porthole, a bathroom with a maritime style can be created brilliantly. In combination with a few accessories and decorative articles, such as a small wooden ship model for example or some seashells, a wonderful maritime atmosphere arises. But the use of a porthole mirror as wall mirror is not the only good idea. Our customers often report of their great ideas, such as using a porthole as lid for a laundry basket. To this end, also have a look at the pictures in the image gallery.

Mostly portholes are used in two variants as laundry basket lids:

On one hand, the laundry containers – often made of wood – are equipped with a porthole as a hatch, on the other hand a porthole is built into a wall or an aside of a laundry room. Some solutions are very refined, such as when the laundry lands into another room, often in the utility room in the basement, by means of a type of pneumatic post. Also have a look at the pictures on this topic in our gallery.

For the pipe system, our customers consciously choose the portholes that we offer, which come equipped with a rubber seal. By means of the sealing, it prevents a draught from entering into the bathroom.

If there is not enough daylight in a room, the installation of portholes with a light source located behind them is a great idea to upgrade the room. In this case, the portholes and porthole mirrors that we offer with clear or frosted glass are exactly the right thing.

For the portholes to fulfil exactly the right purpose, you can select the needs-based glass or mirror glass. In our shop you can choose which glass is installed on the delivered products. In the case of the mirrors, mirror glass or clear glass can be selected, also for the built-in portholes, you may choose between clear glass and frosted glass.

As a standard, we deliver porthole mirrors (as the name already says) with a mirror glass. Built-in portholes are sent to the customers with a transparent real glass pane. However, you can also select a variant with a different type of glass from our shop without any problems.

You want more information about the installation of the portholes. Watch our video on Youtube: