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Mounting and fitting of porthole mirrors

Due to our experience and for safety reasons, we recommend relying on professionals when building-in our portholes and to be advised for the mounting, so that the mounting takes place to your satisfaction and no dangers arise. We have compiled a few safety instructions that we recommend you pay attention to. See safety instructions

Porthole mirrors are intended to be mounted on wall surfaces. For their mounting, they are simply fixed on the wall.

On one hand, there is the possibility to hang the porthole on one of the existing drill holes below the hinge, on the other hand – and surely this is the better solution – remove two or three of the available decorative rivets from the frame of the porthole mirror with pliers and affix the porthole mirror with screws onto the wall surface by means of the exposed drill holes. Beforehand though, it would be best to procure the suitable screws for the surface that it will be mounted on, so for example wood screws for a wooden base or an appropriate combination of wall-plugs and screws. The mounting can be carried out quite easily. Now nothing stands in the way of enjoying a successful, maritime decoration.

You want more information about the installation of the portholes. Watch our video on Youtube: