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Types of glass of portholes

Available Types of Glass for Portholes

You receive the porthole products offered in our shop with a clear, see-through glass pane. This glass version is the right choice for most of the built-in items and therefore our delivery standard.

There are also built-in items for portholes, where another glass pane can be more advantageous. Thus in our shop, glass panes with a white frosting can be selected for a lot of products, which prevents seeing through. This so-called “milk glass” can be selected for almost all portholes and mirror portholes when putting them into the shopping cart.

Furthermore, we also offer porthole products with a transparent plastic pane. The versions with plastic glass are preferably used in the shipbuilding industry, but they are also used when a possible breakage of glass would constitute a particular danger situation.

It is no secret, that the portholes offered by us come from the professional shipbuilding industry and, to the best of our knowledge, the fitting with plastic glass is also appropriate for use on board. However, since we are no experts in the construction of ships and boats, in our shop we expressly do not wish to ensure any CE-features for boat building. If you have questions regarding individual cases, please call us concerning the topic of boat building and CE marking.

In our porthole shop you have ample choice and for a lot of products you can choose the right version for your project from three glass versions: Clear glass, frosted glass and plastic glass.

All porthole alternatives have in common :

Available types of glass for porthole mirrors

Porthole mirrors are always provided with a mirror glass.

Since the frames of the porthole mirrors can also be used exquisitely as picture frames or as original sources of light, we offer you other types of glass in addition. Thus clear glass and frosted glass are also available for most porthole mirrors.

Of course, the porthole mirrors are also rustproof, since they consist of brass or chromed brass.

If you have any questions or special wishes concerning portholes, we are at your disposition via the contact form or by telephone at the Hamburg telephone number +4940 2530 3540.

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