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Furnishing ideas with porthole mirrors

In our online shop we offer a myriad of variants of porthole mirrors with different dimensions, surfaces and types of glass. Perhaps you will ask yourself why there are so many variants. For this purpose, we consider another use of porthole mirrors. The border of the porthole mirror represents a frame. As such, portholes can very well be used as picture frames. Fabricate a view onto a sea picture by means of porthole products or let customers see information which lies behind a built-in porthole. How about a menu inside a porthole?

Optionally, we also offer you the porthole mirror with a clear glass pane. This option is preferred by customers who want to mount the porthole mirror onto a wall, giving the viewer the opportunity to see the background through the porthole. This variant is always the right choice, if the view onto the porthole takes place in front of it. For example, a picture of a water panorama or a sunset can be seen behind the porthole. The porthole then serves as picture frame. A further handy application of the porthole is to use it to illuminate as a source of light.

We provide some customers with portholes with frosted glass panes, which do let some light through, yet no glances. These special portholes are installed as maritime bedside table lamps next to beds. A brilliant idea in the hotel industry, because the frosted glass lets a decent light into the room, whereby no lamps are found on the bedside table, which could topple over (or even stolen). If different glass panes are available, you can simply select those by suing the drop-down-menu in the shop.

If you have a further idea for furnishing a property, please phone us or write us an e-mail with your enquiry. We will gladly develop individual solutions for you as well and advise you on your property furnishing.

You want more information about the installation of the portholes. Watch our video on Youtube: