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Building-in and mounting portholes

Due to our experience and for safety reasons, we recommend relying on professionals when building-in our portholes and to be advised for the mounting. We have compiled a few safety instructions that we recommend you pay attention to. See safety instructions

Here below we give you some suggestions on how portholes can be built in by a handyman:

The portholes that we sell can be easily installed in doors and walls with a little bit of manual skills. First of all, some holes are drilled into the wall or door, where the porthole should be inserted. Afterwards, the holes are drilled out with a larger drill and subsequently these are enlarged to the correct installation dimension with a jigsaw. An exact marking of the dimensions on the wall or door definitely simplifies the work here.

The portholes 2371 to 2373 that we offer are appropriate for an installation up to the indicated installation depth (47 or 50 mm) without any other accessories. The portholes are made of a main part with a profile, which can be inserted into the wall or door and a counter-ring for the outer part. For the portholes which are suitable for an installation in walls that are 47 to 50 mm thick, sleeve bolts are delivered in the necessary quantity. For portholes, which are foreseen for variable wall thickness, the delivery takes place without screws. Depending on the base used for the installation, please procure yourself the corresponding screws with threads or if need be the suitable wood or metal screws.

After the round opening has been done, it must be verified whether the large porthole fits well into it. Then the drilled holes for the screws have to be marked and the mounting holes have to be drilled. Now, the porthole is inserted into the opening and with the help of the screws and the counter-ring, it is fixed. The porthole now fits perfectly into the wall and really looks good from both sides.

You want more information about the installation of the portholes. Watch our video on Youtube: